"Alone With The Lord" - New Release! - CD

This NEW Release is Solo Guitar & Vocal!


Songs Include:

Here I Am to Worship

Sacred Silence

I Have Love You

Strength For the Journey

Open My Eyes

Christ Be Our Light

Holy Ground

Mary Did You Know

You Are Mine

As The Deer

Holy Is His Name


Beyond Words" CD - Instrumental Solo Piano!

This release is my first Instrumental Solo Piano CD. It is a compilation of both current and new compositions performed by accomplished pianist and dear friend, Tom Tomasello.

This compilation has 14 tracks, which weave together providing the listener 70 minutes of beautiful music for your listening pleasure.

Songs Include:


Make You Whole

Everything to Me

Starting Now

Show Me the Way

Hear My Voice

No Trace of Me


That I May Live

For Him, Come to Me

Precious Lord

Glimpse of You

Burning Heart

Pray On

"Live Like Saints" Won 3 - 2008 Unity Awards!


"Live Like Saints" won the UCMVA (United Catholic Music & Video Association) 2008 Unity Award for "Song of the Year"! John won the "Songwriter of the Year" award for the CD, which boasts a solid "knock out" cast of musicians all from the Nashville scene. It's producer, Joe Hand, who won the UCMVA's 2008 Unity Award for "Producer of the Year" for the CD, went after a simpler production that showcases the words, music and vocal artistry of John Grassadonia. What continues to come across are the passionate and dynamic singing performances rendered in each composition, supported by superb production and flawless instrumentals and musical content. The CD is a total Christian centered work filled with John's personal testimony to his faith as well as songs which inspire all who hear it to a greater and fuller relationship with Christ. The themes of joy, gratitude, praise, worship, and longing mark this as one of his finest works.


Songs Include:

We Are Called

Live Like Saints

Show Me the Way

Amazing Love

My Love Belongs to You

Jamin' For the Lord


Greatest of These Is Love

Blessed Are the Children

Wayfaring Stranger

"Show Me The Way"

"Show Me The Way" is passionate and bold in both words and music, emphasizing the joy and unity of our Christian lives. It cries out to God in our weaknesses, praising the name of Christ and placing us in total worship before Him. The music is contemporary in design, yet spiritually moving and satisfying. "Show Me The Way" is appealing to all ages and groups of people. Individual songs can be used in concert, special occasions or events, ceremonies and liturgy. As a body of work it is inspired and flows from the beginning to end, and is original and expresses today's language of contemporary praise and worship for all people of faith in God and Our Lord Jesus Christ.


Songs Include:

Come Together Now

Show Me the Way

Habemus Papam

We Are the Body

For Him

Salt of the Earth

You Are My God

Jesus Savior

Hold Me Lord

I'm the One

Ask and You Shall Receive

"Pray On" CD - 2005 Unity Award Winner!


"Pray On" has a deep spiritual and meditative quality. It is an intimate dialogue with God, calling upon His love and grace. It brings a powerful message of faith and hope. The songs are passionate with rich orchestrations combining solos, duets and full harmony. This CD will touch your heart and inspire you to grow in the love and praise of God.


Songs Include:

A Glimpse of You (vocal)

Precious Lord

Pray On

Hear My Voice

True to His Word

Beneath the Cross

Burning Heart

Hunger in the World

Our Hearts Cry Out

Sweet Love

This Is the Day

Glimpse of You (Instrumental)

"God's Great Universe" 2005 Unity Award Winner!


"God's Great Universe" CD is a lively, rhythmic passion filled CD with rich musical textures and dynamic harmonies. It expresses the agony of the cross and the joy of the resurrection. It is filled with songs of thanksgiving and praise. "God's Great Universe" is an easy listening experience and will leave you feeling good and wanting to play it again and again.


Songs Include:

God's Great Universe

Thank You Lord

Do You Believe

When He Comes

That I May Live

Open Your Hear

Jesus I Do Love You

Say It Shout It


Stay Awake

Fields of Glory

No Trace of Me

"Beyond Coincidence" Book - (Temporarily Sold Out)

Beyond Coincidence book image

Book Description ...And it happened that while He was with them at table, He took bread, said the blessing, broke it, and gave it to them. With that their eyes were opened and they recognized Him........ Luke 24:30 Beyond Coincidence is a modern day story of Emmaus; so powerful that it must be told so that all may be convinced that Christ dwells amongst us and manifests Himself through the gift of the Holy Spirit which He has left for all of us. Simply look and you shall see Him, seek and you shall find Him, knock and door shall be opened to Him. When ordered through this site....your book will include a 10 min DVD, filmed while "in the line". It will make you feel like you were there among the 4,000,000 pilgrims.

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