When He Comes

John Grassadonia


While driving home from work, sitting in the usual traffic jam, I thought to myself "Where will I be and what might I be doing when Jesus comes or in the last moments of my life? Something we all might want to think about....


When He Comes - Lyrics When He comes.... I might be talkin' on th telephone I might be makin' my way home Just like any other day When He comes... I might be sittin' in my backyard Watchin' late TV Ya never know what's up with me Chorus: But when He comes I pray I'll be Standin' in the light of grace When He comes, I pray He'll be Seein my smilin' face When He comes, I pray I'll be Praisin' His holy name Singing Al-le-lu-ia Al-le-lu-ia.....when He comes When He comes..... I might be playin' with my sweet child Eatin' dinner with my wife Feelin' good about my life When He comes.... I might be lookin' through a video store Sittin' in Cinema Five Or hangin' out with the guys Chorus: When He comes...I'll be standin' in the light of grace When He comes... He'll be seeing my smilin' face When He comes...I'll be praisin' His holy name Singing....Al-le-lu-ia Al-le-lu-ia Al-le-lu-ia....when He comes Bridge: Nobody knows the time of day Not even the angels above Nor even the Son of God But only the Father in Heaven Hallowed by Thy name Sing Al-le-lu-ia, Al-le-lu-ia Repeat Chorus: @ 2003 John Grassadonia


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