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John is a six-time Unity Award-Winning Catholic Singer/Songwriting Artist, with two international music awards from Spain and Guatemala to his credit. When he is not performing in the US, he can be found traveling on tour with the Music Missionary Team of Franciscan and Friends, www.franciscanandfriends.com. Also, John is currently employed by the Diocese of Monterey, CA. He is the Music Coordinator at St. Josephs Catholic Community in Capitola, CA. He and his wife, Sherry call the Santa Cruz area "Home" as they currently live in Capitola, CA.

In December, 2014 he released "Alone With The Lord". After being diagnosed with a very rare and incurable disease in 2013, John found himself unable to work. He began walks along the beautiful beaches of Santa Cruz and attended daily Mass. He played the songs that you will hear on this CD. This became his medicine and he believes his healing. "Alone With The Lord" features songs written by other Catholic songwriters, that we all know and love. He returned to work in April 2014 and now ministers full time. He hopes that these beautiful words and melodies will bring you close to our Lord and comfort you with strength, healing and grace.

Several years ago, John released his first book titled "Beyond Coincidence", covering his remarkable encounter on his journey to Pope John Paul II's funeral in 2005. "Beyond Coincidence" is a modern day story of Emmaus; so powerful that it must be told so that all may be convinced that Christ dwells amongst us and manifests himself through the gift of the Holy Spirit which He has left for all of us. Simply look and you shall see Him, seek and yo shall find Him, knock and the door shall be opened to Him. This book is sold out and unavailable at this time.

His award winning CD's is titled "Live Like Saints", which was produced in Nashville by the well-known producer and songwriter, Joe Hand. Joe won "Producer of the Year" for the album at the UCMVA (United Catholic Music and Video Association) Unity Awards. "Live Like Saints" was voted "Song of the Year", in 2008. He also received an award for "Songwriter of the Year."

On Sept. 1, 2010....John proudly released his fifth CD titled, "Beyond Words". You will find them reflective, inspiring and fulfilling listening experience. It contains both current compositions on his other 4 CD's as well as some new compositions. Accomplished pianist and dear friend, Tom Tomasello does a awesome job performing solo piano. This CD is all instrumental.


John's Story.......

For the last 25 years...I have been involved in music ministry. I have been inspired by the work of Mother Teresa, who spent her life feeding the hungry, clothing the poor and sheltering the homeless. Where our work begins is within the body of Christ. I hear the call to feed the spiritually poor who are struggling with their faith, as well as inspiring all God's people to seek a personal and life giving relationship with Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord.

I hope the message within the music helps others to reach out for Christ's love and His transforming grace.

"I will praise God's name in song and glorify Him with thanksgiving".

Psalm 69:30-31

As an artist, I believe we all have the ability to create.  Sometimes our art turns into enormous contributions for mankind.  Sometimes they are hidden and reserved for a select few.  Often our joys and sorrows become the pallet of our messages to the world.  Since we are all unique, created in the likeness and image of God, we all have something to offer.

For my part, I began working with the mentally ill. That led to working in the jails. The result was a 24 year career in the field of probation and law enforcement. I spent brief periods working with the sick and dying in hospitals as well as the mentally challenged and severely handicapped. You might say that I have seen things that most people don't want to see. I have been where most people don't want to go.Finally after all these years I have taken all of my feelings and emotions and directed them into one powerful message. I am communicating to the world a testimony of my beliefs. I am witnessing to the love of Christ, as Healer and Savior. After all...I have seen Him in action.

"For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life". John 3:16

I believe that I have been called to stand in the path of the young and old, the lost and the broken, those who wander in the world, looking for love and acceptance and bring the love of Christ to them.

My hope is that the message in my music will inspire you to see God and the infinite love He has for you. It will remind you that we are not alone in our joys and sorrows. It will give you the courage to reconnect to all people believing in the goodness that God has given us to share with each other through Jesus Christ. Finally I will share my joy from knowing and following Him. I thank Him for giving me the opportunity to love, live and proclaim Him. I also thank the Lord for my wife, Sherry who has stood beside me since our ministry began.

God Bless You...... John Grassadonia



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