With Special thanks to all of you, for your love and prayers. After having been diagnosed with a very rare and incurable disease in 2013, I was unable to work. I began walks along the beautiful beaches of Santa Cruz, California and attended Mass daily. I played the songs you hear on this CD. This became my medicine and I believe my healing. I have returned to work and again minister full time. I hope that these beautiful words and melodies will bring you close to our Lord and comfort you with strength, healing and grace. If I were to describe this music in a few words....I would say that it is warm, passionate and prayerful.
On Sept. 1, 2010 "Beyond Words" CD is released. John's newest CD is solo piano instrumental performed by his dear friend, Tom Tomasello. The compilation CD of both some of your favorites and well as a few new tunes compose what we think will be one of your favorite instrumental CD's. It is reflective, inspirational, and a fulfilling listening experience.
If you are a member of www.Facebook.com let's be friends!
John's book "Beyond Coincidence" is now available!!! .....And it happened that while He was with them at table, He took bread, said the blessing, broke it, and gave it to them. With that their eyes were opened and they recognized Him. Luke 24:30 This is a modern day story of Emmaus; so powerful that it must be told so that all may be convinced that Christ dwells amongst us and manifests Himself through the gift of the Holy Spirit which He has left for all of us. Simply look and you shall see Him, seek and you shall find Him, knock and the door shall be opened to him. This the story where Pope John Paul II came to John in a dream and asked if he wanted to work for him. That lead to John going to the Pope's funeral.....and life since. Order on this site or...... Order by calling publisher (Xlibris) 888-795-4274 ext. 7876, or order online at www.xlibris.com, www.bn.com or www.amazon.com
John attended the star-studded UCMVA 2008 Unity Awards - "The Catholic Grammy"on Sat., October 25th at Loyola University, New Orleans, LA. John received two top awards for the year; "Songwriter of the Year" and "Song of the Year" for Live Like Saints, the title song of his latest release "Live Like Saints". Joe Hand, received "Producer of the Year" for "Live Like Saints" CD. Way to go guys!!!! Performers included: Matt Maher, Trish Foti Genco, Tony Melendez, Kitty Cleveland, Kara Klein, John Michael Talbot, Matthew Baute, and many others, included 3 choirs. John was invited to lead the singing of the closing theme song "Together We Stand", along with the entire cast of recipients and performers. What a thrill! Be sure to visit the "Photo" section of this website for a glimpse of the evening! You won't be disappointed. The winners are as follows: "Song of the Year" Live Like Saints - John Grassadonia "Songwriter of the Year" - John Grassadonia "Male Vocalist of the Year"- John Michael Talbot "Female Vocalist of the Yr"- Kara Klein "Group of the Year" - Daughters of St. Paul "Artist of the Year" - Matt Maher "New Artist of the Year" - Crystal Valazquez "Producer of the Year" - Joe Hand - "Live Like Saints" from the album "Live Like Saints" "Modern Rock Alternative/Rock Song of the Year" - "Be My Everything" - Chris Padgett "Gospel Song of the Year" - "Wade in the Water" - ValLimar Jansen "Pop Contemporary Song of the Year" - "Praise & Worship Song of the Year" - "Were You There"? - Marilla Ness "Devotional Song of the Year" - "I Surrender" Sharmane "Country Song of the Year" - Traces of Jesus - Dan Duet "Liturgical/Sacramental Song of the Year" - "Adoro Te Devote" - Voice Trek "Modern Rock/Alternative Rock Album of the Year" - "Impact" - Chris PAdget "Rap/Hip Hop Album of the Year" - "The Meaning of Life" - Sammy Blaze "Gospel Album of the Year" - Anointing - ValLimar & Frank Jansen "Pop Contemporary Album of the Year" - "Meet Me Where I Am" - Noelle Garcia "Devotional Album of the Year" - "Living Water 50th" John Michael Talbott "Liturgical/Sacramental Album of the Year" - Angels - Celestial Voices of Harmony" - Voice Trek "Instrumental Album of the Year" - "Rejoice" - Steve Hall "Praise & Worship Album of the Year" - Live: Songs from the Road" - Steve Angrisano "Children's Album of the Year" - "Hi God 6" - Carey Landry & Carol Jean Kinghorn "International Album of the Year" - "I Believe in You - Marilla Ness "International Artist/Group of the Year" - Marilla Ness "Choral Collection of the Year" - "Hymns & Anthems" Colin Mawby & Andrew Wright "Spoken Word Recording of the Year" - "Enduring Love" - A Rosary for Chasity - Kara Klein "Best Religious Television Presentation, DVD/ideo Release and /or Movie Presentation for Catholic Evangelization of the Year" "Bella" - Directed by Alejandro Monteverde "Video/DVD Producer of the Year" - Denise Pinckey, Eduardo Verastegun, Leo Severino, Alejandro Monteverde & Sean Wolfinton - "Bella" "Album Packaging of the Year" - "Surrender" (2007 Remix) Artist: Kitty Cleveland - Art Director: Dawn Cadard "Video/DVD Packaging of the Year" - Kara Klein DVD Trilogy - Artist: Kara Klein: Art Director: Bernard J. Klein "Seasonal Song of the Year" "What Child is This" - Trish Foti-Genco "Seasonal Album of the Year" "Light of the World" - Angelina A great time was had by all! This was the best Unity Awards ever! More Info to come later in the week....
Grapevine is your one-stop connection to Catholic music. Music is regarded as the highest art form by the Church; discover its power for encouragement and evangelization. Read about, watch, listen and talk about artist who share their faith through the creation and performance of their music. Read the September 17th, 2008 article about "Franciscan & Friends Caribbean Music Mission 2008" www.gvonline.net
If you are interested in viewing a 30 min "Backstage" program on EWTN (Eternal World Television Network), you may want to catch John this week! He will be on at 2:00am Pacific Time this Tues morning, Sept. 16th. and 8:30pm Pacific Time on this Friday, Sept. 19th. Write on the Guestbook and let us know what you think afterwards! It was recorded a couple of years ago when he only had the 1st two CD's.
John has just heard that he is a finalist in the 2008 UCMVA Unity Awards! The 9th Annual Unity Awards will be held at Loyola University, New Orleans - on Oct 25th. Those 9 catagories are for his newest CD "Live Like Saints": Song of the Year - "Live Like Saints" Songwriter of the Year - "Live Like Saints" Male Vocalist of the Year Artist of the Year Gospel Song of the Year - "Jammin' For the Lord" Pop/Contemporary Song of the Year - "Live Like Saints" Praise & Worship Song of the Year - "Amazing Love" Devotional Song of the Year - "Destiny" Pop / Contemporary Album of the Year - "Live Like Saints" Performers at the event are: John Michael Talbot, Tony Melendez, Matt Maher, Sarah Hart, Santiago Fernandez, Sharmane Adams, Matthew Baute, L'Angelus, Crystal Valazquez, Jason Malachi, Ronnie Cole & the Choirs of OUr Lady of the Lake & St. Scholastica Academy (with Kara Klein), Xavier University Gospel Choir (with Kitty Cleveland), St. Mary's Dominican High School Choir, Dreux Montegut, Anne Chabrek (with Trish FotiGenco) For more information: www.unityawards08.com
Catch the Catholic Mom.com podcast interview of John talking about his life and music on http://catholicmoments.libsyn.org/index.php?post_id=370680 http://sqpn.com/2008/08/21/catholic-moments-66-john-grassadonia/ http://faithandfamilylive.com/blog/a_musical_missionary/
Diana von Glahn uncovers the teasures of Catholic shrines, places of pilgrimage, and historic sites throughout the US in The Faithful Traveler, a unique travel series. Each show explores a new location. In this first DVD in the series, Diana explores the Miraculous Medal Shrine at the Central Association of the Miraculous Medal in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Viewers will discover the remarkable art and architecture at the shrine, learn about the faith and tradition behind the shrines creation, and receive practical information so they can visit the shrine on their own. It is the perfect balance between entertainment, education and inspiration, for all ages. John is one of the Catholic musicians, including Sarah Bauer, Rise, Popple and Christine Wittman that have shared their music for the production. His tune "Glimpse of You" instrumental is featured in the film, and the vocal version is on the Slide Show. Both versions are available on the UCMVA award winning CD "Pray On". The project is available in both English and Spanish and will have worldwide appeal. For more information visit their website at http://thefaithfultraveler.com
In April, 2008 John, along with David Velasco on percussion join Denis Grady, from Calgary, Canada attended the Feria Catolica Internacional 2008 in Guatamala. This is the largest Catholic event in the Americas. Singers from 20 countries worship and praise with over 200,000 of our International brothers and sisters in Christ. After singing his newest song "Lifting Our Hands" John placed third place in five winners with this song written for our Mother Mary. Visit his Photo Gallery for photos of the weekend's ministry & entertainment.
"Live Like Saints" IS NOW AVAILABLE!!! Thanks to Joe Hand, Nashville, TN. The project was a year in the making...but I am sure that you will agree that it was well worth it! John is happy to autograph a CD for you....wrap it & ship it to anywhere in the US. Now...that couldn't be easier could it??? Just contact us via email at john@johngrassadonia.com for orders!
"John's first experienced our faith community almost two years ago. While very new to the community, compared to so many who have called Elk Grove home for so many years, he immediately felt the presence of the Holy Spirit, and was warmly accepted by all. He truly felt the loving touch of Christ in and through the community, which is a teaching of our Church! Himself a published music artist, both as a composer and performer, John has always been involved in celebrating his Christian faith in and through his music, and the music of the liturgy. He saw a great potential in the future of the music ministry here in the parish, which has been served by musicians (playing the organ, and electronic keyboard; guitarists and bass players, as well as percussionists); as well as cantors (those who stand alone to lead the music and pray the Psalms) and choirs (three different groups and more). Having witnessed and been a part of various liturgies throughout the country, as well as internationally, John recognized our parish as "hungry" for even more depth and appreciation of what it means to be the Body of Christ, a family who worships, shares and rejoices in the sacred mystery of the Mass, all so we may become Who we receive. Working with, developing and inspiring, all of these ministers, for John is now being hired as a resource to them all, replacing none of these people who you have come to know, trust and believe in - faithful servants who have said "Yes!!!" time and time again for the goodness of our Mass. John too is committed to working with, developing, and inspiring, "we" the congregation, who need also to say "Yes" in our prayer, both in song and heart. Married to his wife Sherry, a local store owner and artist herself, a former country probation officer, optimistic as a person and in his career, he points to an exceptional and profound spiritual moment, a point of transition, as he left his work in service of the county and courts. In 2005, he experienced a dream, wherein he conversed with, and was challenged by, the late Pope John Paul II, who called and invited him to work full time for our church. "I hope you will share this mission with me, and accept me into your hearts as one who is both servant and friend. As I hold you in mine, as I serve you with all that I am, Please know I welcome your comments and suggestions always". He may be contacted by e-mail at john@johngrassadonia.com
John and Sherry traveled to the West Indies again this year for the 2007 Franciscan and Friends Music Mission. They were joined by a wonderful group of friends from Canada, US and Barbados. For more information on places visited...visit past calendar dates on this site or www.franciscanandfriends.com Maybe you would like to join the Mission in 2008!
John joins the Elk Grove Children in going back to school this year. He is sharing with the K-8 students his love of music. John states that when he was in Rome in 2004, for the late Pope John Paul II's funeral, he spoke with a brother, studying to be a priest for a long time about music. In that conversation...they concluded that the world needs music that leads children to God. He said that he had no idea at that time that he would be teaching so many children. The Lord wastes no planted seed...
On July 14th, in the Centro de Arte de Los Cabos, Asturias, Espana....John's "Show Me the Way" CD is nominated for "Mejor CD en Ingles" (Best CD in English)...also...the Compilation CD "Catholic Music 2007", produced by Spirit Wing Records, was also nominated , and won the award! Congratulations to all of the 32 artist that participated in "Catholic Music 2007" You are all winners!
Spirit Wing Records proudly announces an upcoming two CD complilation project entitled Catholic Music 2007/ Catholic Music 2007 will feature 32 Catholic recording artists and will resemble the popular Christian project, WOW, which is released every year. Catholic Music 2007 is expected to be released :Nov. 22, 2006, in honor of the feast day of Saint Cecilia, the patron saint of music. With the constantly changing face of Contemporary Christian music it is understandable that one of the newest outreaches would be Catholic music. More and more Catholic artists are breaking inot the Christian music scene to help spread the Good News and to bring Catholics closer to their Faith. The creators of Catholic Music 2007, Gary Gersin from Cleveland, Ohio and Mike Beloud from Los Angeles, CA hope to bring awareness to Catholic music ministries. Gersin, of Sacred Heart Radio, said, "My goal with SacredHeartRadio.net has always been to highlight the wonderful Catholic music ministries out there. Catholic Music 2007 is just another way we are trying to get these artists heard and to help people celebrate their Faith through the Lord's great gift of music." "There are many talented Catholic artists out there who are filled with the Spirit, serving God and the Church through their music ministries, " said Beloud, member of the Catholic-rock group RISE. "Catholic Music 2007 gives them the opportunity to showcase their work." "Worship" will be the first of the two CD's which features more traditional/prayerful music while Disc 2, "Praise," will be the more modern upbeat music. The 32 artists to be featured on the CD project include: Angelina, Bernie Choiniere, Celeste Zepponi, Critical Mass, David Vogel, Father David Hemann, Fred Cacciotti, Gretchen Harris, Jeannie Pomanowski, John Grassadonia, Katholicus, Kitty Cleveland, Last Day, Lynn Geyer, Margo B. Smith, Mark Mallett, Matthew Baute, Michael Patrick, Nancy Krebs, Ned Tonner, Nick Alexander, Remember Rome, Renee Bondi, RISE, ROMANS, Sean Clive, Sharmane Adams, Simonetta, Susan Jansen, The Perfect Cry, Trish Foti Genco and Veronica Morrissey. Copies of Catholic Music 2007 can be pre-ordered by visiting the Spirit Wing Records website at www.spiritwingrecords.com for $15.99. For a limited time, all pre-orders will receive free shipping and a special gift. For more information, contact Mike Beloud at Mike@SpiritWingRecords.com or Gary Gersin at Gary@SpiritWingRecords.com Contact: Spirit Wing Records http://www.SpiritWingRecords.com CA,US Mike Beloud - Owner, 626-422-4227 Keywords: Catholic Music
HeartBeat Records is now distributing John's CD's to retail stores. If you are in the retail world and interested in carrying John's 3 CD's in your store...please contact them at http://www.heartbeatrecords.com or write at Heartbeat Records 802 Pershing St., Donnellson, IA 52625 or call 319-835-9144
Check out the following sites for MP3 downloads of John's music. AppleiTunes MusicNet Liquid Digital Media MusicNow MSN Music Tradebit PassAlong NextRadio Raphsody PayPlay NetMusic AudioLunchbox Buy Music WrapFactory Iriver Media Online Puretracks Interia MP3-Extension GroupieTunes MusicIsHere Mod Systems Destra Choice Records Verizon Wireless Daiki (Music Online Corp) Inprodicon Emusic Chondo MP3tunes Arvato Bitmunk DigitalKiosk DigiPie GreatIndieMusic
June 16th was the release date for John's latest CD "Show Me The Way". This is the 3rd CD he has completed in the last couple of years. "Show Me The Way" is passionate and bold in both words and music, emphasizing the joy and unity of our Christian lives. It cries out to God in our weaknesses, praising the name of Christ and placing us in total worship before Him. The music is contemporary in design, yet spiritually moving and satisfying. "Show Me The Way" is appealing to all ages and groups of people. Individual songs can be used in concert, special occasions or events, ceremonies and liturgy. As a body of work it is inspired and flows from the beginning to end, and is original and expresses today's language of contemporary praise and worship for all people of faith in God and Our Lord Jesus Christ.
On Sat., Nov. 12th, 2005 John was the recipient of 3 Unity Awards presented by the UCMVA (United Catholic Music & Video Association) at the O'Shaughnessy Theater in St. Paul, MN. The Unity Awards are the Catholic equilivant of the GMA (Gospel Music Association) Dove Awards. John and his group CHRISM were finalist in 6 catagories for his 1st two CD's " God's Great Universe" and "Pray On". The following are the awards that he received: NEW ARTIST OF THE YEAR SACRAMENTAL SONG/ALBUM OF THE YEAR - "Sweet Love" Written by John Grassadonia Performed by John Grassadonia & Nina Antonelli (Wagner) Produced by Tom Tomasello - "Pray On" CD COUNTRY SONG OF THE YEAR - "When He Comes" Written by John Grassadonia Performed by John Grassadonia Produced by Tom Tomasello "God's Great Universe" CD The mission of the UCMVA is to support, encourage, and promote the development of all forms of Catholic Music and Video. The purpose of the Unity Awards is to help the UCMVA accomplish it's mission by giving public recognition by the members of the UCMVA to those persons who have demonstrated excellence of significant accomplishments in the field of Catholic Evangelization through music, video and the media.

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