John Wins Three UCMVA Unity Awards

On Sat., Nov. 12th, 2005 John was the recipient of 3 Unity Awards presented by the UCMVA (United Catholic Music & Video Association) at the O'Shaughnessy Theater in St. Paul, MN. The Unity Awards are the Catholic equilivant of the GMA (Gospel Music Association) Dove Awards. John and his group CHRISM were finalist in 6 catagories for his 1st two CD's " God's Great Universe" and "Pray On". The following are the awards that he received: NEW ARTIST OF THE YEAR SACRAMENTAL SONG/ALBUM OF THE YEAR - "Sweet Love" Written by John Grassadonia Performed by John Grassadonia & Nina Antonelli (Wagner) Produced by Tom Tomasello - "Pray On" CD COUNTRY SONG OF THE YEAR - "When He Comes" Written by John Grassadonia Performed by John Grassadonia Produced by Tom Tomasello "God's Great Universe" CD The mission of the UCMVA is to support, encourage, and promote the development of all forms of Catholic Music and Video. The purpose of the Unity Awards is to help the UCMVA accomplish it's mission by giving public recognition by the members of the UCMVA to those persons who have demonstrated excellence of significant accomplishments in the field of Catholic Evangelization through music, video and the media.

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