St. Josephs Catholic Church Hires John as Director of Music & Liturgy (St. Josephs Bulletin-Dec.2, 2007)

"John's first experienced our faith community almost two years ago. While very new to the community, compared to so many who have called Elk Grove home for so many years, he immediately felt the presence of the Holy Spirit, and was warmly accepted by all. He truly felt the loving touch of Christ in and through the community, which is a teaching of our Church! Himself a published music artist, both as a composer and performer, John has always been involved in celebrating his Christian faith in and through his music, and the music of the liturgy. He saw a great potential in the future of the music ministry here in the parish, which has been served by musicians (playing the organ, and electronic keyboard; guitarists and bass players, as well as percussionists); as well as cantors (those who stand alone to lead the music and pray the Psalms) and choirs (three different groups and more). Having witnessed and been a part of various liturgies throughout the country, as well as internationally, John recognized our parish as "hungry" for even more depth and appreciation of what it means to be the Body of Christ, a family who worships, shares and rejoices in the sacred mystery of the Mass, all so we may become Who we receive. Working with, developing and inspiring, all of these ministers, for John is now being hired as a resource to them all, replacing none of these people who you have come to know, trust and believe in - faithful servants who have said "Yes!!!" time and time again for the goodness of our Mass. John too is committed to working with, developing, and inspiring, "we" the congregation, who need also to say "Yes" in our prayer, both in song and heart. Married to his wife Sherry, a local store owner and artist herself, a former country probation officer, optimistic as a person and in his career, he points to an exceptional and profound spiritual moment, a point of transition, as he left his work in service of the county and courts. In 2005, he experienced a dream, wherein he conversed with, and was challenged by, the late Pope John Paul II, who called and invited him to work full time for our church. "I hope you will share this mission with me, and accept me into your hearts as one who is both servant and friend. As I hold you in mine, as I serve you with all that I am, Please know I welcome your comments and suggestions always". He may be contacted by e-mail at

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