The Faithful Traveler's 1st episode is now available!

Diana von Glahn uncovers the teasures of Catholic shrines, places of pilgrimage, and historic sites throughout the US in The Faithful Traveler, a unique travel series. Each show explores a new location. In this first DVD in the series, Diana explores the Miraculous Medal Shrine at the Central Association of the Miraculous Medal in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Viewers will discover the remarkable art and architecture at the shrine, learn about the faith and tradition behind the shrines creation, and receive practical information so they can visit the shrine on their own. It is the perfect balance between entertainment, education and inspiration, for all ages. John is one of the Catholic musicians, including Sarah Bauer, Rise, Popple and Christine Wittman that have shared their music for the production. His tune "Glimpse of You" instrumental is featured in the film, and the vocal version is on the Slide Show. Both versions are available on the UCMVA award winning CD "Pray On". The project is available in both English and Spanish and will have worldwide appeal. For more information visit their website at

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