From the recording Show Me The Way

This song came to me after I had a powerful life changing dream. In this dream, Pope John Paul II came to me and asked me if I wanted to work for him. It was through this dream, that I received a call to devote myself to the Holy Eucharist and liturgy of the mass. I was told that from the Eucharist, all things will evolve as our Lord wills it to be. This song was written in less than half an hour. Shortly after this song was written, our beloved Pope John Paul II passed away.


Show Me The Way - Lyrics

We come together
Greet one another
Give glory and praise to our Lord
We come to His table
Break bread together
To receive the one we adore
We remember the blood he poured out on the cross
As we dwell in the light of His love

Show me the way
To love You
Show me the way
To follow You Lord
Be now my life
My reason to live
Show me the way
Oh Lord

As we surrender
Our hearts to the Father
We are joined with the Body of Christ
Giving praise and thanksgiving
With the saints in Heaven
Through Him we have found our true lives
For the bread that He gives
Is the true bread of life
The blood that He shed
The great sacrifice


As we go our way
Leaving each other
Our spirits remain as one
For we are the children of the kingdom of Heaven
Witness to the living God
In the name of the Father, Son and Spirit we live
In the spirit of faith, hope and love we now give


Show me the way
Show me the way oh Lord
Show me the way