Spirit Wing Records Announces Catholic Music 2007

Spirit Wing Records proudly announces an upcoming two CD complilation project entitled Catholic Music 2007/ Catholic Music 2007 will feature 32 Catholic recording artists and will resemble the popular Christian project, WOW, which is released every year. Catholic Music 2007 is expected to be released :Nov. 22, 2006, in honor of the feast day of Saint Cecilia, the patron saint of music. With the constantly changing face of Contemporary Christian music it is understandable that one of the newest outreaches would be Catholic music. More and more Catholic artists are breaking inot the Christian music scene to help spread the Good News and to bring Catholics closer to their Faith. The creators of Catholic Music 2007, Gary Gersin from Cleveland, Ohio and Mike Beloud from Los Angeles, CA hope to bring awareness to Catholic music ministries. Gersin, of Sacred Heart Radio, said, "My goal with SacredHeartRadio.net has always been to highlight the wonderful Catholic music ministries out there. Catholic Music 2007 is just another way we are trying to get these artists heard and to help people celebrate their Faith through the Lord's great gift of music." "There are many talented Catholic artists out there who are filled with the Spirit, serving God and the Church through their music ministries, " said Beloud, member of the Catholic-rock group RISE. "Catholic Music 2007 gives them the opportunity to showcase their work." "Worship" will be the first of the two CD's which features more traditional/prayerful music while Disc 2, "Praise," will be the more modern upbeat music. The 32 artists to be featured on the CD project include: Angelina, Bernie Choiniere, Celeste Zepponi, Critical Mass, David Vogel, Father David Hemann, Fred Cacciotti, Gretchen Harris, Jeannie Pomanowski, John Grassadonia, Katholicus, Kitty Cleveland, Last Day, Lynn Geyer, Margo B. Smith, Mark Mallett, Matthew Baute, Michael Patrick, Nancy Krebs, Ned Tonner, Nick Alexander, Remember Rome, Renee Bondi, RISE, ROMANS, Sean Clive, Sharmane Adams, Simonetta, Susan Jansen, The Perfect Cry, Trish Foti Genco and Veronica Morrissey. Copies of Catholic Music 2007 can be pre-ordered by visiting the Spirit Wing Records website at www.spiritwingrecords.com for $15.99. For a limited time, all pre-orders will receive free shipping and a special gift. For more information, contact Mike Beloud at Mike@SpiritWingRecords.com or Gary Gersin at Gary@SpiritWingRecords.com Contact: Spirit Wing Records http://www.SpiritWingRecords.com CA,US Mike Beloud - Owner, 626-422-4227 Keywords: Catholic Music

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