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I listen to it everynite in the wee hours !!! It is very soothing and relaxing thanks again for music to live by!” - Rachel

— Email - Regarding "Beyond Words" CD

Thank you again for the beautiful, beautiful music you provided and made our Fiesta so special. Oh my were a gift to us. It was a delight to have you here. Also...thank you so much for bringing that support group and your beautiful wife, Sherry. It was a delight to have you here. You always have a home here. If you are ever in the area, and need a place to stay, know that we have rooms! Every blessings to you both. Thanks and Peace, Loretta Pehanich” - Loretta Pehanich

Christ the King Retreat Center - Citrus Heights, CA

Your entertainment was awesome for our 76th SDCCW Convention! Thank you for providing such beautiful, spiritual music that everyone there raved about. You have a beautiful voice and God blesses you with such wonderful talent and we thank you for giving back to Him, His people and church. I loved watching the reactions of the ladies while you were playing - some were almost ready to get up & dance".” - Gloria Burgett

— Sacramento Diocesan Council of Catholic Women

Assorted Congratulations from those friends commenting on the UCMVA 2008 Unity Awards John Received Oct. 25th!!! This is Tremendous!! I enjoyed looking at all the photos, and am truly awed by your generosity with your time and talent. Judging from the smile on your face and the look in your eyes, it's clear that all those people, your beautiful wife, the children, and your friends, have graced you with their gifts as well. I feel so priviledged to know you, such a good, kind man!! John!!!! Oh my gosh, I am so happy for you!! Congratulations my friend! Thank you SO much for sending me this!! This is tremendous!! I enjoyed looking at all the photos, and am truly awed by your generosity with your time and talent. Judging from the smile on your face and look in your eyes, it's clear that all those people, your beautiful wife, the children, and your friends, have graced you with their gifts as well. I feel so priviledged to know you, such a good, kind man!! Enjoy the fruits of your labor. I am STILL waiting to hear your imitation of Bob Dylan singing Show Me the Way or God's Geat Universe!! Wow!!! Congratulations, John! Keep up the great work. Sherry, My sincere congratulations! I am certain that John's inspiration and reflection of our Lord's gifts are highlighted every day when he thinks about you. John is truly blessed to have you in his life. The Lord has his way of blessing us all. You and John have been a blessing to our Parish and I look forward to your continued blessing. May the passion of our Lord always be in our heart Congratulations on a job well done, I have been anxious to get John's newest CD, and now have that chance. My best wishes now and for the future, may hold many new and exciting moments for you both. We (I) am very proud and happy to have John on our team of gifted musicians. Congratulations!!! Congratulations John. I am so happy for you. Since I have the album, I can say with knowledge that you deserved it. All ofyour work is so wonderful and I am so blessed to be a part of your circle of friends. Congratulations - great news!! Way to go John! What an achievement! Congrats John and Sherry.....!!! A great blessing for yourselves and the community!!!!! The church is incredibly lucky to have both of you and your talents. After the year you've had, you needed a pick me up. Glad the Lord gave you one. Now to get you here at my church. Great Job guys!!! Hey, that is awesome ! Congratulations. I'll be visiting the site when I get a chance. Thanks for letting us know about this wonderful onor. You must be really excited.l God bless you guys. What a prettttttttttttty picture ;-) you two are so cute. Big congratulations again to you both cause I know you both work very hard at this ministry. That is so wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!! Sherry you all have worked so hard to achieve this dream that you do for the Lord!! That is awesome!. You look amazing!!!!!!!!!! I look forward to buying the new CD. So very cool! Congratulations! How wonderul of you to share this with me! Thank you so very much !!! I loved looking at the photos and seeing the great joy you and John exude. I continue to be awed by the tremendous support you are to John, no small feat I am sure!! Truly inspiring, you are, to me, as a wife, I must say! Congratulations to you and to John!!! My warmest regards to you Sherry!” - Various

— Assorted Congratulations on UCMVA 2008 Unity Awards

JOHN GRASSADONIA - "SHOW ME THE WAY" John Grassadonia wrote the following dedication for his third CD, Show Me the Way. "In April, 2005, I attended the funeral of Pope John Paul II. The song, "Show Me the Way" was written just weeks prior to his death. This song came to me aftr a powerful life-changing dream. In this dream, Pope John Paul II came to me and asked if I wanted to work for him. Through this dream, I received a call to devote myself to the Holy Eucharist and the liturgy of the Mass and let all things begin from there. This was truly the turning point for me in both my writing and ministry. Through Show Me the Way, John strives to live this call. The music is upbeat and infectious with joy, with a great energy derived from the heartfelt singing and imaginative musical arranging. Come Together Now" opens the album with a single message: we are belivers of Jesus in a wonderful family and for this we give glory. A simple and memorable anthem of praise and worship, it plays over and over again in my mind, calling to mind this wonderful message. Habemus Papam" is a wonderful and welcoming tribute to Pope Benedict XVI and his spirit of service and humility: "I am just a humble servant working in the vineyard of my Lord... Benedict's my name, sixteen is the reign of peace..." John's songs draw from common themes such as the community of believers ("We Are the Body"), the mercy of God (I'm The One"), trust in the Lord ("You Are My God") and salt and light ("Salt of the Earth"). Over each song is the sense of praise and worship that John does so effectively. My one disappointment with the album was that John did not reveal more of his inner self in his lyrics. He has a compelling story to tell through his years of working in the prison system, and with the mentally ill, the sick and the dying. As he states in his biography, "You might say that I have seen things that most people don't want to see. I have been where most people don't want to go". I for one, would really like to hear more about those experiences in his songwriting. Show Me the Way is a stisfying musical as well as a praise and worship experience".” - Susan Bailey

— Grape Vine - A Magizine About Catholic Performing Artists

Dear Bro John, You have truly heard the call of the Spirit and gift of heavenly music flows through....annointed to reach the hearts of God's people as you work with Him to rekindle the fire of Divine faith, TRUTH and holy love in the hearts of all who hear you. Shout it from the mountain tops" - John Paul II To rivify the hearts of the weary " - St. Maximillian Kolbe martyr there is no greater wrok upon the face of the earth than building the kingdom of God" - Padre Pio Truly you have become a living channel of God's peace..pardon..hope..light, and His amazing love and JOY as unto the charism of .....Francis ...our brother. I pray God continue to Bless you and Sherry abundantly What treasure you are. Pax-et Bonum Derek” - Derek Fields - Barbados, WI

— Personal Letter

Oh my gosh! NO! I do mean: oh my GOD :-) John! this is wonderful!!! I prayed the Lord would draw me to him again, and he led me to St. Joseph's today. He KNEW. He knew my heart needed to praise and worship his love. His love is endless and enduring. I've taught in the Catholic Church for 4 years and felt my soul was not being nourished. Lead me Lord.....I would say....... I took a 6 month break and boy did he ever lead me back. Thank you for feeding me soul today, for I needed to sing of His glory and worship and praise His majesty. OK - enough email babble.... I'll keep reading and look for you to come sing again. The Spirit is ALIVE and moving in the Catholic Church - let's make 'er MOVE! God bless you and your family Kathy Gantt” - Kathy Gantt

— Guestbook

I was struck by the quality of music they perform. Their talent was extrordinary, the timing excellent, and the song selection was pleasant while inspiring.” - Tom McNamara, Pastoral Associate

— Personal letter