1. When He Comes

From the recording When He Comes

While driving home from work, sitting in the usual traffic jam, I thought to myself "Where will I be and what might I be doing when Jesus comes or in the last moments of my life? Something we all might want to think about....


When He Comes - Lyrics

When He comes....
I might be talkin' on th telephone
I might be makin' my way home
Just like any other day

When He comes...
I might be sittin' in my backyard
Watchin' late TV
Ya never know what's up with me

But when He comes I pray I'll be
Standin' in the light of grace
When He comes, I pray He'll be
Seein my smilin' face
When He comes, I pray I'll be
Praisin' His holy name
Singing Al-le-lu-ia
Al-le-lu-ia.....when He comes

When He comes.....
I might be playin' with my sweet child
Eatin' dinner with my wife
Feelin' good about my life

When He comes....
I might be lookin' through a video store
Sittin' in Cinema Five
Or hangin' out with the guys

When He comes...I'll be standin' in the light of grace
When He comes... He'll be seeing my smilin' face
When He comes...I'll be praisin' His holy name
Al-le-lu-ia....when He comes

Nobody knows the time of day
Not even the angels above
Nor even the Son of God
But only the Father in Heaven
Hallowed by Thy name
Sing Al-le-lu-ia, Al-le-lu-ia

Repeat Chorus:

@ 2003 John Grassadonia